Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Helter Skelter

I haven't given up my search, I've just been bouncing around looking at various branches of the family tree.  I have a vague plan in the back of my mind of where I want to go but haven't been able to commit myself to concentrate on any one particular branch.  I think my research of my grand uncle, Rollin Farquhar Webber, exhausted me to some degree because I was able to uncover so much information about him on line and with our trip to Allentown, Pa.  Quite frankly, I hated to give up on him but there comes a time when a genealogy researcher has to let go and just move on. I started to do that but, in a moment of weakness a few weeks ago, I just touched back on his info page on Ancestry.com, hoping to find some of the hint leaves fluttering to alert me to new hints. Nothing doing. But I looked at my notes too and saw where I had written down that the Allentown librarian had suggested contacting Pennsylvania Vital Records department for death info. I pulled up their website and gave in to the temptation to order a copy of Rollin's death certificate. Cost $19 to order it but it seemed like a good idea at the time so I went for it.  Received a certified copy the other day and it's now an official part of my files on Uncle Rollin. In and of itself I see no need to post it here so have elected not to do so.  But I hate to post without putting some sort of evidence of genealogy history so here's an obituary of the man who was Rollin's first father in law.

Samuel Trewolla died in 1916, four years after his daughter, Cora, Rollin's first wife died.  No idea if Rollin retained ties with his father in law or not. Rollin married his second wife in 1913 so perhaps the relationship with the Trewolla family had faded, there's no way to know. But the brief marriage to Cora must have bonded to Rollin's heart greatly because he chose to be buried with her and their infant son when he passed away in 1960. Anyway, I'm putting further research of Rollin on the back burner and moving on to some other family members.  And as always, my search goes on.